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Good copy makes a measurable difference

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Everyone can write. But not everyone can write well.

Westhill began life as an editorial agency and still retains a strong belief in the power of the written word. We're strong advocates of clear English and will take a red pen to any marketing speak or business jargon that creeps in.

Writing wrongs

Everything you produce reflects your business and its standards. So at the very least, get your copy proofread before it's published. Bad grammar and poor spelling will lose you business. If you can't get basic spelling and punctuation right, why would your customers trust you with more complex tasks?

Editorial services

  • Copywriting - for emails, direct mail, brochures, adverts, posters, blogs, newsletters, opinion pieces, white papers, award submissions and tenders
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Writing for websites
  • Social media
  • Research

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