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Three free things your business should be doing on the web

You're probably inundated with offers from companies who, for a sizable fee, will promise to get you on top of Google and in the middle of social media. But there are a huge amount of free tools and tips out there that could make a real difference to your business's digital profile.

Here are the top three we think you really have to take on board...

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Web Sights

Five tips for integrating social media into your email marketing

Over the last couple of years the buzz around social media has taken a little bit of the limelight away from email marketing. This has left a lot of marketing people unsure of where to focus their efforts and how best to combine the two. So head of digital, Brett Willis, has five tips to make your email marketing more sociable...

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Google+: A business must have? Or just another social media fad?

Does your business need a Google+ account? Or is it just another time-consuming social media fad you'll have to constantly feed with new content? How much you get out of Google+ will depend on how much you put in – and what business you're in. Find out how it works, what the benefits are and if it will suit you...

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Designer briefs

Fibre Broadband: The Invisible Hero

What's the best thing about fibre broadband? Well it's not TV on demand, not even HD movie streaming, and definitely not video calls with your granny. The best thing about fibre is never having to think about your internet connection again. A founding member of fibre club, Darryl Clark, lifts the lid on life in the fast lane...

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Rubbish headline not worth reading*

Imagine you could control what people do; dictate where they look and what they read. Short of a qualification from Hogwarts, that might seem unlikely, but help is at hand. Terry Hermon reveals the dynamic power of the shift 8 character...

*made you look! Find out why...

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